Esker Childen’s Music Group was set up in 2012 by Edel Coughlan, an early years music educator. It consists of a Music Kindergarten and instrumental classes and is based on the Colourstrings approach. Edel is a certified associate teacher of Colourstrings Kindergarten level 1 and 2 and has also trained in Colourstrings piano. Edel is assisted in the kindergarten by Norah Joyce, a retired primary school teacher and a certified associate teacher of Colourstrings Kindergarten level 1. Norah also runs the Esker Children’s Christmas Choir.


The aim of the group is to introduce music to children at a very young age where they experience the joy of singing and dancing in the company of their peers and accompanied by their parents. It is a safe environment in which to explore the many beneficial aspects of music and to develop skills and a love for music which we hope will become part of their daily life at home.

Children who have completed several years of kindergarten have a wide range of skills and confidence in music which will benefit them in whatever musical direction they decide to go.


Edel teaches piano and guitar using the Colourstrings approach. For graduates of the kindergarten this seamless continuity is a very natural and comfortable introduction to an instrument. While the approach is very different from traditional methods, after two years tuition children are reading conventional music notation and are comfortable in most teaching situations. Graduates of the kindergarten who go on to pursue Colourstrings instrumental training are known as Rascailíns. The Rascailíns meet once a month for a 90 minute solfege class, have their own webpage which they run themselves, do a summercamp every year and go on various musical outings.