Esker Children’s Music Group provides instrumental classes which are based on the Colourstrings repertoire that children encountered as part of Music Kindergarten.  Throughout Music Kindergarten, children are encouraged to choose the instrument they would like to continue to learn.

The Instrument Summer Camp gives children a further opportunity to explore in groups if recorder, piano, harp, violin or guitar is the instrument for them.

Instrumental classes are open to children who have followed the Music Kindergarten programme and who are familiar with the repertoire of the Singing Rascals series.  This continuity is a strength of the approach of Esker Children’s Music Group.  The familiarity with the repertoire is very reassuring to the novice instrument learner as s/he grapples with the physical aspect of the instrument.  Instrument classes are taught on an individual or small group basis (2-3 children), but these spaces are limited.  The instruments taught are violin, guitar, piano, harp, whistle and recorder.

Esker is fortunate to be located close to music schools in Athenry, New Inn, Loughrea and Gort.  Most instruments are catered for in these schools and most music schools offer the possibility of joining an orchestra and the opportunity to meet with other young musicians.  There are also some individual music teachers we can recommend.


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