Music Kindergarten welcomes children and their parent / guardian to the world of music through movement, stories, games, hand symbols, activities, talking, listening, and, above all, through singing.

Classes follow the Colourstrings approach which was developed by Hungarian violinist Geza Szilvay and his brother and cellist, Csaba Szilvay in the 1970s.  The approach was strongly influenced by Hungarian Zoltán Kodály’s philosophy of ‘musicianship through singing’.  Through a repertoire of songs from the Singing Rascals series which is carefully structured around the tonic sol-fa, children learn fundamental elements of music (pitch, beat and rhythm etc.).  Music Kindergarten classes place a special emphasis on Irish music and language also.

Music Kindergarten classes also introduce children to as many instruments as possible either through guest musicians or instruments used as part of the class.  This can vary from playing the triangle in class to listening to the pipe organ in the monastery church!

Music Kindergarten


In addition to developing musically, children also learn to develop personally and socially.  Through the different stories and characters in the songs, children explore emotions, share ideas and express opinions in a safe, warm and encouraging environment.  Listening skills are developed through a lively warm-up dance at the start of class, and with a gentle song to relax at the end.  Children learn that every individual, including themselves, is valuable and they are encouraged to treat their peers respectfully and to take turns gently.  In so doing, children’s capacity for successful communication is increased.

Each class is thoroughly planned and structured and follows a long-term programme where the aim is to ensure that children are well prepared to handle further music training and instrument classes.  If children are equipped with a singing voice, a developed ear, knowledge of pulse, rhythm and pitch and their written symbols, they are much more likely to come out smiling from their first instrument class. They will feel comfortable and confident and most of all enthused to go home and practice what they have learnt and they will look forward to their next lesson.

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Recommended listening [download PDF]: Recommended listening list